Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Afternoon Quickie: Halo Reach

Ok so... It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that I'm not a huge first person shooter fan, and well Halo is one of those games that I just don't get. Perhaps it's my lack of military strategy or that fact that I just don't have much a desire to shoot things, but I really don't see how such games are fun. But we're not talking about playing it, we're talking about watching it. I reference my lack of military strategy and say, I have no freaking clue what's going on in this game. I suppose that there's a task at hand and some sort of story line, but I don't follow. All I see are a bunch of figures running about and shooting things. So for the Wifey Watchability Test, it fails, rather miserably. But I don't really blame the game here... I think I am just Halo-stupid. The series is vastly popular so I assume there's something to it, but it is just over my head.

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