Thursday, September 29, 2011

MTG: Sorting System

Many people have asked me how I sort our Magic The Gathering cards. We have well over 10,000 MTG cards and I can find any card in our collection in less than ten minutes, usually less than five.

As I have been asked so often how I sort our cards and keep them that way, I shall outline for you my sorting system. Hopefully this helps you to keep your life a little more organized and those grey hairs a few more months at bay. :)

What you need:

  • 1-3" three-ting binder (possibly more than one depending upon the size of your collection)
  • Card sleeves (available at local comics/gaming stores, but also frequently found at Wal-marts and Targets)
  • Card Boxes (If you buy "fat packs" you can use those boxes, or buy boxes at collectables stores or online)
  • Index cards or slips of paper (If you have deck boxes that come with those little dividers, you can use those as well)
  • Time
To get started you need to make a few choices:
1. Do you want your sets to be mixed together? For instance, M12 cards next to Rise of the Eldrazi? If you're sorting for your gamer, ask his/her preference.
2. Do you want rates/foils mixed in with commons/uncommons? I recommend keeping rare and mythic rare cards separate because of their increased value. My system has them sorted separately. If you choose to keep them together, adjust accordingly.

If you are going to keep your sets separate, sort your cards by set before continuing.

To get started, separate your rare and mythic rare cards from the rest. These will be going into the card sleeves in the binders. Sort as following: (1)By set. (2) Then by card number, (3) Place foils with regular cards. Place the cards in the card sleeves in that order. Place foils on top of regular cards so that they are the card you see. Do not place cards front to back. One card per slot. Continue until all are in the sleeves.

Rares/Mythics in Binder

Next step, sort out your land and token cards. Include "special" lands such as Drowned Catacombs or Glimmerpost.

If you wish to keep your token cards, sort those by type and set aside. Sort out the regular lands (e.g. swamp, island) from the special lands. Sort the regular lands by type and the special lands by card name. Place the lands in card boxes using the index cards to create dividers between types. Place token cards behind lands.

Lands and Tokens

Now you're ready for the time-consuming part. To begin sorting your common and uncommon cards separate them by color (blue, white, green, black, red, colorless). You will then sort each color one at a time. 

Commons/Uncommons by Mana Color

Cards within the same color will be sorted by mana cost. This is easiest to do with colorless cards. Sort them just by the number. 

Colorless Cards by Mana Cost

For colored cards, it becomes slightly more challenging. Sort first by total mana cost. 
Blue Commons/Uncommons sorted by total mana cost

Then you will sort from the most specific cost to the least specific. For example (b) (b) will go before (1) (b). In the same way, (2)(b) will go after (1)(b)(b). 

Blue Commons/Uncommons by Specific Mana Cost

Cards with variable mana cost (x)(w) will go after the cards with a set mana cost. See the picture below for a better example. 

Cards with variable mana costs to go after other cards of the same color.

New Phyrexia provided a new challenge to mana-based sorting with the new game mechanics. I decided to sort the cards with the Phyrexia symbol in the mana cost after the cards with the original mana costs within the same color. For example, after finishing the regular red cards in the manner listed above, I would then start with the Phyrexian mana cost cards in the same way behind the regular red ones. Refer to the next picture for more information.

Red Cards with New Phyrexian Mana Mechanism

Once cards are sorted by mana cost, sort them alphabetically. Then, if you are including your foil cards, place them either at the front or the back of that particular card. If you are combining sets, sort the card by set within its place in the larger sort.

What if all the cards of one color won't fit in one box? Continue into the next. Use paper dividers to make where each color begins. If you have a lot of boxes, write the number of the box on the bottom in pencil.

Multiple boxes numbered to keep in order

You should now be able to find specific cards as well as cards to fit a need in any deck!

I think that's it. If there's anything I've left out, and situation I haven't answered, please leave a comment or e-mail. Don't hesitate to ask questions either!

Gifts for the Gamer Guy

Here's a brief list of possible gifts for your gamer! Gentlemen, don't worry, a list for the ladies is on it's way.

Monday, September 26, 2011

DC Heroclix - Superman (CONTINUED!)

Some new stuff that hadn't been really confirmed until recently with several others on HCRealms coming out and posting... We have confirmed reports of the Official Play kit having pieces in the normal set.

Green Kryptonite / Chase piece in a special colored tray in the set confirmed by the Gamer of this blog itself.. or as people know him around the net: RystalQuinn

Stay tuned if more is found interesting like this:


Sunday, September 25, 2011


There have been over 550 views today! Thanks so much for the support! I just wanted to say thanks. You guys rock.

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You can find the shop here:

There are some great gifts for the geek/nerd/gamer in your life including a Green Lantern Christmas Ornament and some great Harry Potter gifts!

Once again, thanks everyone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ahh! Zombies!

I have often said that I would never run unless a horde of hungry zombies was chasing me, and even then, I'd only run if I couldn't find a good place to hide. Well, for those of you who are a little more adventurous or athletic, or who just want to experience running for your life in a controlled setting, I present the 5k Obstacle Course Zombie Race!

So, apparently there are people who are awesome enough to set up a 5k with obstacles for you to run, and just in case you need a little extra motivation: they will send the hungry undead after you! This looks like a ton of fun! While I will never volunteer to be chased by zombies, I would gladly go watch. Below is a link to the website, I suggest checking it out, runner or no. If nothing else, you can use this as part of your zombie apocalypse education.

Monday, September 19, 2011

DC Superman Heroclix

Early Release photos and info! Black Adam features the winner of last year's competition as the Marine in Adam's hand. Earth One Superman is a piece that previously had not be publicized!

A new trait was also found among today's surprise pulls: "Reign of the Superman: If a friendly character named Superman has been KO'd this game, modify Eradicator's combat value's by +1 for the rest of the game."

Go to the discuss thread on HC Realms for dial information and other ramblings...

Black Adam


Earth One Superman (Card) 
Earth One Superman (Front)

Earth One Superman (Back)


Imperiex (Figure)

Imperiex (Card)

Supergirl (Card)

Swamp Thing
Star Boy

Superman DC Herolcix

So... One of the local shops broke street date on the new Heroclix set. The huban is opening up now and we will be posting new information! Already we know of one chase that hadn't been released before: Earth One Superman! Pics and more info to follow!

Twitter: @casacampbell or @rystalquinn

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why you should marry a gamer...

31 Reasons to marry a gamer:

  1. They have extensive weapons training.
  2. They know to take a zombie out with a headshot.
  3. They always stop to pick up extra treasure.
  4. They know the value of a princess.
  5. They are excellent multi-taskers.
  6. They can survive long periods of time without nourishment.
  7. They know all the little places that things can hide, like under a turtle shell, in a box, in the corpse of a giant radroach...
  8. They are not grossed out by blood or dismemberment.
  9. Live in tech support.
  10. They know what they want and are willing to go to another castle to get it.
The nerd is a better choice than the jock because:
  1. The jock is more into his own looks than yours.
  2. The jock is always the star of the show whereas the star of the anime convention is the girlfriend.
  3. The nerd can do your budget in his head whereas the jock needs a calculator, Google, and a tutor.
  4. When chased by a robot assassin from the future, the jock may be able to run faster, but the nerd will be able to reprogram the robot and make it vacuum your floors.
  5. The jock might have more upper body strength but the nerd knows how to command army.
  6. The jock may have run a team, but the nerd knows how to run a country and overtake the world (or at least the rest of Sid Meiers).
  7. The jock only knows how to be a jock, but the nerd knows how to be a warrior, dwarf, mage, scribe, elf, plainswalker, and cleric.
  8. No jock has ever defeated a two-headed dragon.
  9. Jocks always die first in zombie movies.
  10. The nerd will never judge you if you want to stay in your pajamas and eat ice cream rather than run and eat a salad.
Gamers make better dads because:

  1. They understand the importance of imagination and role playing.
  2. They will be just as excited to buy toys and research new baby/kid tech as you are.
  3. They have an extensive knowledge of everything.
  4. They understand the importance of knowing where you come from and will teach your children modern history. (The Atari system was first release in the US in what year, Junior?)
  5. They can fix your child's remote control car, Nintendo DS, cellphone, and your blender.
  6. They love legos just as much as any five year old.
  7. They understand the importance of plush animals and action figures.
  8. They will teach your children to read starting with the classics (Detective Comics, Action Comics,  Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman).
  9. They will want to see all the comic book movies too.
  10. They will teach your children to use the Force before they can even talk.
And the number one reason to marry a gamer: Your life will be infinitely more fun and funny, and you will have a partner to mourn every game over and celebrate every level completed!
~This is all in good fun and if you can't see that, you probably could use a gamer in your life. :) 

Comic Fan?

If so check it out:

Project Mirai

So... Nintendo just announced a new game, Project Mirai which features none other than Hatsune Miku! For those who don't know, Hatsune Miku is a vocalic program and hologram that has become a major influence on the Japanese popular culture/music. Here's her vegetable juice commercial:

Seriously, almost makes me want to drink vegetable juice. I mean, if it can make you that happy!

Anywho, here's a trailer (sorry, it's in Japanese) for the game. Sadly, the game is not likely to come to the US, but I'll keep my fingers crossed (when they're not typing)!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


They had Halloween toys out at Petsmart, so I got Simon a little bat! After all, Simon needs to start practicing for his big fight with Dracula!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Any Tri-gun fans out there?

Some of you may know that I'm the crafty type... Well, One of the items I'm currently working on is a painting of that favorite black cat from the anime Tri-gun! You can see a picture of the work in progress here:

Feel free to check out the blog for updates of my other crafting projects and other postings such as book reviews and recipes!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Catherine

Played on PS3

The gamer anxiously awaited Catherine and then had a really hard time finding it, but he did prevail! Being from some of the people who worked on the Persona games, I was really excited about this game too. And let me just say, the decision-making storyline did not disappoint! Like the Persona games and those choose-your-own-adventure Goosebumps books, you play as the main character and make important decisions that affect the game play and decide which of the eight possible endings you will get.

You are Vincent, a regular guy with a regular life. Vincent is dating Katherine. (Pay attention to spelling, it makes all the difference!) Vincent is happy with his life, but his girlfriend is starting to drop the M-word: Marriage. (Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.) Vincent starts to freak out and looks to his buddies at the Stray Sheep (the bar) for help. Well, after a night of a few too many, Vincent wakes up with Catherine. (Notice the C.) Apparently he has a thing for Katherines/Catherines. Vincent doesn't remember meeting Catherine and is really freaked out about this encounter. Here's where your/his choices really start to change things... and I'll leave the rest up to you.

But wait! That's only the part of the game that takes place during the day! At night, Vincent is having these really strange dreams. He has to climb these towers of blocks and make it to the top before he wakes up. Remember that story you probably told your friends in middle school about how you die in real life if you die in your dreams? Well, that seems to be the case. Vincent doesn't know who or what has chosen him for these "trials" but each night Vincent, and other men, are faced with a series of towers to climb.

Got it? Maybe? Well, I promise I won't spoil anything.

Visuals: This game was really interesting. Most of the action of the game is very typical somewhat realistic video game graphics. However, for many of the cut scenes the animation is a mix of typical video game and drawing. The characters, particularly their faces, are often drawn in a typical animation style. Think American cartoons, not anime. The animation is maybe a little bit more stylistic in a Japanese watercolor/line drawing manner, but definitely not what you usually see in video games. This was a little odd to me, but once I really got into the game, I hardly noticed.

One thing to look for is the tie-ins to the other games from these creators. There's a Teddy and a Gekkoukan High School logo in the game. There are also a lot of really neat small details through out the game.

Audio: The soundtrack for this game is somewhat understated. The musical style is very similar to the Persona series and to many anime shows. It provides a good setting for the game without being too overpowering for a game that is so strong in its story. One thing I will mention about the audio is that the bells can get to be really annoying. When Vincent is climbing the towers in the nightmares, a bell begins to sound as he gets closer to the top. This is really encouraging as you play as its a sign that your almost there, but when you have to replay the last five levels of the tower because you just can't figure it out and all you hear is that bell going bong bong bong every few seconds, it gets to be a bit annoying.

Involvement: This game provides a huge opportunity for the non-gaming girlfriend to get involved. During the daytime story, you can help your guy to make decisions regarding how he's going to respond to text messages and conversations. Which, he might need. However, the nighttime tower levels are an even better chance to get involved. The tower puzzles are hard, and I mean hard. Having an extra set of eyes to think through which block to move where can be incredibly helpful. Just remember, as in games like Portal, know your gamer. Some gamers don't do too well with their girlfriend solving puzzles for them, while others love getting the extra boost.

Overall: This game was really pretty awesome. The story was great and kept me guessing how it would end. The game is really well developed and has great depth. There are excellent opportunities to get involved and the game is really engaging.

One thing I will mention, the whole concept of the cheating boyfriend might anger some girlfriends/wives. I found myself calling Catherine a little hussy a few times, maybe even more than a few. I also kept thinking that I'm really glad my gamer doesn't have friends like Vincent's. Just a little advice to remember that it's just a game and Catherine isn't real and therefore isn't a little hussy home-wrecker.

Overall though, this game was really awesome and we had a lot of fun playing it through. I would say that it easily passes the wifey-watchability test (but should not even be introduced to a child-watching test).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Afternoon Quickie: El Shaddai

Ok so, to say this game is beautiful is a total understatement! The graphics are amazing and each new area takes your breath away. The backgrounds range from the serene looking like Japanese watercolors to the wild looking like an intense acid trip. The soundtrack is amazing and incredibly relaxing. (If it weren't for all the fighting going on, it would be great for meditation.)

You are Enoch and you are on a mission to retrieve the fallen angels. The came combines platform and 3D qualities and is mostly a fighting game though some levels have some puzzle-like qualities. There aren'y many wifey/girlfriend-involvement opportunities, but I enjoyed just sitting back and watching. Overall, I would recommend this game, and the husband seems to enjoy playing it as well.

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