Saturday, May 25, 2013

My First Con!

Alex and I went to our first con last weekend! Daddy came too, but it wasn't his first convention. We went to Dallas ComicCon in Irving. It was a great little weekend trip (our anniversary celebration!).

This was our first out of town trip with the baby.
It was a little daunting, but overall it went really well.
He seemed to enjoy himself as well.

Our buddy, James, was by far the best Joker in the place.
Alex couldn't quite figure him out for most of the day.

Alex found someone's camera tripod and made it his toy.

The Dalek was super awesome!
There a was a kid there who was in a wheelchair.
That's pretty awesome cosplay if you ask me.

We got our picture taken with the TARDIS.
If you notice, Alex is not blinking.
We've raised him right.

I had a ton of fun and got a great Poison Ivy print to add to my collection. Going to a con with a baby was a little rough. He didn't like it when people applauded so we didn't get to listen to all of Kevin Conroy's Q&A. It was also crazy hot Saturday morning and Alex was getting really close to overheating. The staff were real jerks about it and kept pressuring us to go back outside. We ended up leaving to get lunch and just coming back in the afternoon. Overall, it was a great trip and I loved seeing all the cosplayers, good and bad. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I look forward to the next con we get to attend!

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