Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clix of the Month: Gleek!

Hey... I wanted to make sure I did regular posts, so I'm making them fun! Plus, there haven't been too many new games, though I do plan to add a few reviews when it's not so late.


The husband taught me to play Heroclix tonight. (As if the geek wasn't getting deep enough, let's add a miniatures game... just kidding, I asked for it.) So... I decided it would be fun to do a clix of the month! Woot! (I'm on a month kick or something. Deal with it.) Note: These clix will be chosen because I like them for some reason or another, not necessarily because they are good or something.

January's Clix of the month: Gleek!

Point Value: 21

Why Gleek? Because he's a blue monkey! And just so darn cute!

What makes Gleek special? He's a monkey for hire! Well sort of... If you don't have the Wonder Twins, then the other guy can use Gleek because Gleek swings that way (on a vine).

What's Gleek's downside: He may have been owned by a clown once and that's just freaky. O.o

DC Heroclix DC 75th Anniversary Gleek LE

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gamer Girl MTG Deck of the Month: PMS

So... here's my plan. Once a month I will post a Magic the Gathering Deck that is made for female casual players (aka girls who want to play with their guys). Here's January's deck: Pussycat Must Survive (PMS)

20 Plains
3 Ajani Goldmane
4 Ajani's Pridemate
4 Ajani's Mantra
2 Kemba, Kha Regent
4 Kemba's Skyguard
3 Leonin Arbiter
4 Abuna Acolyte
4 Silvercoat Lion
2 Sword of Body and Mind
3 Pacifism
4 Solemn Offering
2 Silence
3 Soul Parry
4 Seize the Initiative

Side board:
4 Revoke Existence
4 Whitesun's Passage
4 Condemn

(Note: Links have been set to take you to the Amazon page for the above cards. You might be able to find them cheaper on ebay or through trades/sales at your local shops.)

This deck was inspired by Kathleen from Loading Ready Run (here). The group did a video about Magic the Gathering where Kathleen wins with the "Angry Kitty" deck. I decided I wanted to make a kitty deck too, especially after finding out that Kathleen's wasn't legal for tournament play. :( So, I made this deck, and yes, the husband made some suggestions. All the creatures are cat creatures. In play-testing the deck, Philip joked about it being the Cats-Must-Survive deck. This then evolved into the PMS deck: Pussycat Must Survive! Now, I don't promise great results from this deck, but it's a ton of fun to play, and that's what matters to me.

For next month I'm going to work on the Sexy Vampires Don't Sparkle deck. See you then!

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