Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why you should marry a gamer...

31 Reasons to marry a gamer:

  1. They have extensive weapons training.
  2. They know to take a zombie out with a headshot.
  3. They always stop to pick up extra treasure.
  4. They know the value of a princess.
  5. They are excellent multi-taskers.
  6. They can survive long periods of time without nourishment.
  7. They know all the little places that things can hide, like under a turtle shell, in a box, in the corpse of a giant radroach...
  8. They are not grossed out by blood or dismemberment.
  9. Live in tech support.
  10. They know what they want and are willing to go to another castle to get it.
The nerd is a better choice than the jock because:
  1. The jock is more into his own looks than yours.
  2. The jock is always the star of the show whereas the star of the anime convention is the girlfriend.
  3. The nerd can do your budget in his head whereas the jock needs a calculator, Google, and a tutor.
  4. When chased by a robot assassin from the future, the jock may be able to run faster, but the nerd will be able to reprogram the robot and make it vacuum your floors.
  5. The jock might have more upper body strength but the nerd knows how to command army.
  6. The jock may have run a team, but the nerd knows how to run a country and overtake the world (or at least the rest of Sid Meiers).
  7. The jock only knows how to be a jock, but the nerd knows how to be a warrior, dwarf, mage, scribe, elf, plainswalker, and cleric.
  8. No jock has ever defeated a two-headed dragon.
  9. Jocks always die first in zombie movies.
  10. The nerd will never judge you if you want to stay in your pajamas and eat ice cream rather than run and eat a salad.
Gamers make better dads because:

  1. They understand the importance of imagination and role playing.
  2. They will be just as excited to buy toys and research new baby/kid tech as you are.
  3. They have an extensive knowledge of everything.
  4. They understand the importance of knowing where you come from and will teach your children modern history. (The Atari system was first release in the US in what year, Junior?)
  5. They can fix your child's remote control car, Nintendo DS, cellphone, and your blender.
  6. They love legos just as much as any five year old.
  7. They understand the importance of plush animals and action figures.
  8. They will teach your children to read starting with the classics (Detective Comics, Action Comics,  Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman).
  9. They will want to see all the comic book movies too.
  10. They will teach your children to use the Force before they can even talk.
And the number one reason to marry a gamer: Your life will be infinitely more fun and funny, and you will have a partner to mourn every game over and celebrate every level completed!
~This is all in good fun and if you can't see that, you probably could use a gamer in your life. :) 

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