Friday, July 24, 2009

Article: Gaming for Charity! The Week's End!

Well, The Speed Gamers have finished day seven of their Final Fantasy marathon. Not only did these guys play for seven days straight, but they also ate veggimite smoothies and created a Christmas light body suit!

This marathon has proven two things to me.

Number 1: Sleep depravation and video games lead to boys being dumb (veggimite smoothies!!)

and Number 2: Good things can sometimes come in unusual packages.

This group of veggimite-eating, video-game-playing, sleep-deprived people raised over $50,500 for ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment).

While it was fun to laugh at their antics, and annoying to deal with a tired a husband (who stayed up watching the previously mentioned antics), I have to admit, these guys did something pretty amazing. We gamer-girlfriends might complain about our guys playing video games for hours on end, but I doubt any one can complain about the good that these guys have done.


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