Friday, September 17, 2010

You Know You're A Gamer Girlfriend When...

...You plan your conversation around the load screens in a mario game.

...You start telling your guy to pause the game for dinner twenty minutes before dinner will actually be ready.

...You know what cosplay and LARPing are and have actually looked for and/or worn costumes.

...You know how long you have to dash in front of the TV during the save screen.

...You know where each controller is in your house.

...You know the difference between an XBox and a PS3 cord.

...You have successfully managed to plug in ten plugs in one outlet.

...You know the layout of your local GameStop, BestBuy, RadioShack, and comic book shop.

...You have spent at least ten hours of your life looking for batteries.

...You can recognize which anime is on even if it's in Japanese.

...You have been to at least one midnight release when you had to get up early the next day.

...You have picked up your guy's game while he's at work or out of town.

...At least one shelf of our bookcase is dedicated to strategy guides.

...You can tell the difference between a regular and collector's edition strategy guide.

...You have incorporated at least one type of video game collector's piece into each room of the house.

...You can name at least 7 Mario characters.

...You have tried to learn to play his favorite game without him knowing, and maybe even succeeded.

...You have read a strategy guide out of boredom.

...You have used your "womanly wiles" to distract him from his game... and actually succeeded!

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