Friday, November 5, 2010

TV Review: The Walking Dead

Airing on AMC beginning on 10/31/2010

Ok so... my husband's a big fan on the comic book series and he was really excited to see the book made into a TV series. On Halloween night (after a very long day including my car being totaled -not my fault btw-), we went to the local comics shop to watch the premiere. Everyone was really excited, especially those who had read the books (I have not). I made a jell-o brain (my best yet!) and we had pizza and snacks as we got ready to watch the show.

So the show starts and of course, we see some guy walking about trying to find gas and he comes across a creepy looking girl, and yes, she's a zombie. Then we flashed back to before the outbreak and find out cop friend living his daily life. He gets shot trying to take down a bad guy (sad face). And wouldn't you know, he's in a coma. He wakes from his coma to find the hospital abandoned and rows of bodies on the lawn. He meets his fist few zombies and then is saved by some survivors who clue him in to all that's gone on.

These survivors tell him of a place near by that is supposed to be safe from infection and protected by the military or what not. And our new survivor cop friend is set on heading to Atlanta (the "Safe" place) in hopes of reuniting with his family.

Ok, so I don't want to go any further because I don't want to ruin anything if you plan to watch the show for yourself and you're like me and hate people ruining your TV shows. But basically, it's a good show, but the first episode was the same basic outline of the beginning of any zombie story. I'm still gonna watch it. You might want to yourself if you like zombies. Rawr!

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