Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Afternoon Quickie: Borderlands 2

The gamer got Borderlands 2 for his birthday (you know, because I'm an awesome wifey =D). He's been playing pretty much as often as he can. He seems to be enjoying himself. Here's my impression of the game: It's neat and fans of the original will love it. As far as the wifey watchability test: it kinda sorta passes.

It's not the prettiest game, but it's not meant to be. It has some funny elements to it (Claptrap's beatboxing is probably my favorite part) and has a pretty good story to it. All the favorite characters from Borderlands reappear and the guys seemed to really pay attention to their fans and include jokes and whatnot that were well loved. Side note: there's a character in the game based on a big fan of Borderlands who passed away (that just's cool of the developers to include). There are also some neat Three Dog (Fallout) jokes.

Now, it is basically a run around and shoot stuff game. This means lots of lots shooting sounds, and you all know how much I loooooove endless shooting noise! The fights and quests can also take a bit of time which means you might watch a lot of game play without getting much in the way of dialogue and watchable story.

Overall, it's a really neat game and the gamer seems to love it. It's fun to watch for the little jokes here and there and the bits of humor sprinkled throughout, but I don't know that I could sit and watch it for too long.

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  1. I did get my first opportunity to play the demo in person at a co-worker’s house from DISH yesterday. This game takes the series to a completely different level. I don’t have the money to buy it right now, so I added it to my Blockbuster@Home queue. Blockbuster makes it affordable for anyone to play and rent games for a flat monthly fee. Borderlands 2 now let's you play the entire game with all of your stats in tow, so expect some heavy replay value for single player. Can’t wait! Overall, I'd suggest this game to anyone who has played the first, or if you're a gamer in general!


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