Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Drawing!

For a chance to win a Companion Cube pillow worth $50 based off of Portal!

What makes your gamer a good protector during the zombie apocalypse?

(Or, if you're a gamer, what makes you a good protector?)

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  1. Hmmnnn my gamer although scrawny is good against zombies because if ever i was at risk of my own zombie pet or a random legion was about to take that bite he'd be that guy who came from no where and sacrificed his life for me if it ever came to that. Not to mention he can run and free climb quite well. (plus the fact that he'd let me keep one as a pet is pretty freaking nifty. :)

  2. Gamers are good protectors because we train obsessively. I know I personally have logged countless hours fighting the (virtual) undead horde, over multiple platforms. I'm familiar with the different brands of zombie (NOTLD vs. 28 Days) and always buckle up and check my back seat before driving my vehicle. And, as many of my friends can attest, one of my favorite past times while slow at work is sizing up what nearby items would be useful as weapons should the undead show up (this is easier at Discount Tire than it was at Gamestop).

  3. As a half of a gaming COUPLE we would be set I would think as far as fighting the zombies in the zombie apocalypse. LFD and LFD2 has taught us which kind of zombies are possible and what can be done to eliminate their threat against us :P
    We would def be prepared to acquire supplies and horde them for future use :P

  4. I'm a specialist when it comes to zombies and my fps obsessed bf is the gun expert. From hundreds of hours logged into left 4 dead, left 4 dead 2, ALL of the resident evils, dead rising, zombies vs plants, and pretty much any "zombie" type game I can get my hands on. We would be unstoppable.

    We in doubt Just blow the mother#%&*er up :D

  5. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    So.. I totally am a great protector for the zombie apoc. mostly because I have 37 zombie plans, and I am well versed in how to decap, and cap a zombie in its head. I don't really know how these things will work for me in the sane world, but red vs. blue, and left 4 dead have made me an excellent killing machine.



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