Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Afternoon Quickie: Alan Wake

Ok so it's not the afternoon, we thought that this supposedly spooky game would be better suited for later evening. Yeah... maybe I should have tried at like 3 am and being completely sleep deprived.... Yeah so... have you ever seen the Blair Witch Project? How about Secret Window? Combine the two, add in some Energizer batteries and you have yourself a video game! It's really quite sad that the story is so sucky, cuz it looks like a pretty well designed game. I could read the Sync by Microsoft perfectly while they were driving in the car! So anywho... Gamer has been playing this game for about an hour and I'm going to go do laundry.

Did it pass the Wifey Watchability Test? It didn't even wake up in time for the exam.


  1. I bought this game when It came out and I was a litle disappointed. However I found it scary(I played it night when I was alone though). My only problem was the ending. Which could be taken different ways. I sold my game after a playthrough (Need my money for a different one) ;)

    My question is. Did you play the DLC? I heard it was good and added alot to the storyline.

  2. Hey, for some reason you're comment slipped right past me. Sorry :(

    My husband didn't like the game enough to play the DLC so I'm sorry but I don't even really know what was added.


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