Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flashback: Mass Effect 1

Played on XBox 360

So, in this game you are some sort of dignitary mercenary combo. You go around to other planets and you do missions and kill things and meet with aliens. Your spaceship is piloted by "Joker" (aka Seth Green, I still have a bit of a thing for him left over from all those years of watching Buffy, but anywho...). There are some cool cut scenes where you get to see new aliens or learn something cool about the other species. The graphics are decent considering that it is an XBox game. There really isn't much of a soundtrack, but the fight scenes aren't loud or annoying enough to bring about any sort of strong emotion. Actually, I guess I could say that about the entire game so far... It's nice enough but the strongest emotion I have concerning it is that Seth Green made one good-looking werewolf (take that Twilight fans!)

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