Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our First Give-Away Drawing!

Whoot! I'm excited, and I hope you are too! I've got some great give-away items lined up and I think you're gonna be excited too!

Here's how this will work. I will post a question and to enter the drawing, you will answer the question. Pretty simple huh? Make sure you include your name or blogspot ID so that I can have some way of identifying you. I will put all the names in our Mario hat (seems the most fitting) and then draw a winner. I will then e-mail the winner to get their info to send them their prize! These prizes have been donated by sellers from I encourage you to check out their shops even if you don't win.

Our first prize is a gift certificate for $10 to Little Spaniel's Crafts. You can find her Etsy shop here: Little Spaniel's Crafts. She makes some really cute crocheted items including a full checkers set! She also makes charms, dog treats, and bath and body products. She's got a little something for everyone.

Here's the question:
What video game related topic do you and your gamer argue about most often? (Boys, you can answer too.)

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  1. This would be easy for me. Reviews.
    Reviews on games.I cant say Im the most.. expansive player. LOL I have played lets see diablo( old skool and still my favorite),Everquest, world of warcraft (still am),dragon age origins, and counterstrike.(I cant play CS anymore :( I kept killing my own team. FTL at its best)
    He has played a crap load of games. Seriously.
    He buys games by reviews. If it makes out great on reviews.. he buys them.
    I buy games that #1 look cool. I mean come on, Im playing the game right ? I gotta enjoy the graphics. and #2 multiplayer.

    Multiplayer is my friend.I can get peeps together and tear stuff up LOL or I can get help. its awesome. I totally heart multiplayer.
    anyways yeah see..
    When I bought dragon age, he thought i was nuts. Said it had great graphics, but it wasnt multiplayer (*sigh* see I failed. lol) and well once you beat it.. that was it.
    anyways he bought it too, whos the crazy one now ? LOL Im still playing.. and hes done.
    punk. wtb multiplayer please :P
    anyways that would be it. I have my own personal little rating system I use to buy stuff.
    He goes online and googles his arse off for a few weeks before purchasing.

  2. Dishes. :) We've gotten over most of our gaming arguments. Yeah, he zones out when he games but I just expect it.

  3. Haha Ruth! We got over our chores arguments and still argue over games!

  4. The boy and I only ever fight when we play the new Mario Bros. game. The fact that it's multi-player means we have to, gasp, cooperate. "Cooperation" means I steal all the items, and he pushes me off ledges and such. We end up getting into these weird smack talk sessions that I don't even understand. Then I usually end up calling him a bastard, or throwing the wii remote at him. We have a healthy relationship :)

  5. Bre WhiteleyFebruary 12, 2010

    Well, don't really argue, but we always discuss whether or not the game is suitable for him to play and our teens in our youth group. Our number one, is modesty of the players, namely the girls. Chris had an X-box for awhile, but most of the games were too inappropriate, so he sold the whole system.

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  7. Don't have a reason or person to argue. I play snes so all the games are good.
    J Garner

  8. biggest discussion which isn't really an argument is usually which pokemon is stronger. :P no need to argue we just share info.


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