Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If Games Were Real...

If games were real, I would get the Gamer a Yoshi for Christmas. I know he wants a dog, but you can't ride on a dog's back. Besides, no dog can flutter jump. Also, no matter how much you train a guard dog, he will never swallow your enemies and poop them out as eggs.

Plus a dog's coloring is pretty set. Yes you can dye your dog's fur, but that's just a little silly. A yoshi however can change color just by eating fruit, making him a much better accessory pet then those happy yorkies. And another thing, dogs can't talk. True, yoshis have limited vocal abilities but at least they can say their own name!

Sum it all up and I should not get my husband a dog. I should get him a yoshi. Now if only yoshis were real...

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