Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heroclix Storage

Tired of stepping on those little plastic figures? And then getting yelled at for breaking some tiny piece off? An easy fix is to put those little critters up in a sturdy and safe container. But what should you use? This may be common knowledge among those in the Heroclix gaming community, but if you're new to the game, or your gamer lacks a certain organizational personality trait, here are some ideas.

  • For Rares, Dice, Tokens, Objects, etc. I would recommend using a craft storage bin that comes with tabs to make sections. Similar to the tackle box idea, with one very important exception: these are designed to keep items in place even if you turn the box over. As long as the box stays closed, your piece stays in place and undamaged.
  • For commons/uncommons I would recommend using plastic storage containers. These come in all sizes and many under-the-bed sizes as well. I prefer plastic over wood or metal boxes because the plastic ones do not have seems along the corners where small parts could potentially get stuck and bent. 
  • A duffle bag is great for transporting multiple boxes to games or trading events. 
  • We also have one plastic storage box that has a tray that lays in it on top of the main storage area. This is great for holding counters and dice along with the pieces you want to play with and/or trade.
  • We also store the cards in card sleeves in a binder and use dividers (like you used in school) to separate the sets.

I hope that helps. Perhaps it will give you something to think about. If you're new to the game and only have a few pieces, there are some storage boxes like I described for less than a dollar. The craft storage boxes can also be found pretty cheap, often less than $3. You can keep your pieces separated by rarity or set, and put some of your favorite team pieces in a box together. I hope this helps you keep your clix organized, safe, and out from under people's feet.

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