Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Play Magic The Gathering

So you play Magic. You have a girlfriend (or wife or whatnot). You want to play Magic with your girlfriend. And she just kinda looks at you funny...

As a wife who was brought over to the dark land of the Planeswalkers, let me share a few tips on how to encourage your lady friend to pick up a deck. Here are ten basic tips for getting your girl to play, and enjoy, Magic the Gathering.

  1. Keep it simple. If you go to play with your girl and you're playing one of these crazy complicated decks, it is likely to be overwhelming. Start with a more simple deck like the Zombie Starter Deck featured earlier this month.
  2. Another good starting deck is one that plays to her interests (hers, not yours). Perhaps you like a quick moving goblin deck, but she's more of a Merfolk milling deck type of person. Maybe you like heavy control decks with lots of instants, but she prefers a creature heavy deck. Build, or help her build, a deck with cards that will peak her interests, not just ones that win games quickly. For casual play, you can try the Pussycat Must Survive deck previously posted.
  3. On that note, you might have an awesome deck that wins in less than five turns, but now's not the time to use it. If she doesn't get to play hardly anything in the deck, and looses very quickly, she's not likely to learn much about the game, nor want to play again. Play a competitive deck if you wish, but one that will allow for her to learn the game and get to use what's in her deck.
  4. Also, be very patient. If you've been playing for ten, fifteen, twenty years, MTG comes very easy to you by now. It won't be the same for her. Take your time. Remember that "mana" and "casting" aren't necessarily part of everyone's vocabulary. Her questions may seem stupid to you (I know my questions just about annoyed the crap out of Philip), but if she feels judged or thinks you're being condescending, your chances of success will drop very quickly.
  5. Let her watch you play with others. Have her come with you to a Friday Night Magic or some other tournament. One of the reasons I first wanted to learn to play was because I went with Philip to FNM and was bored just watching. I wanted to learn the game so that I would know what they heck they were talking about.
  6. This may seem silly, but accessorize. Most girls like things to be pretty. Now, her definition of pretty may be different from someone else's, but let your girlfriend make Magic pretty. Here's what you need: card sleeves, deck box, dice, dice bag, and play mat. Make a set in her favorite color or with a character from MTG that she likes such as Ajani. Or, if you've already peaked her interest, take her to the gaming store and let her shop! 
  7. If she is going to play in a tournament setting, make sure it's a fairly nice community. Where we used to play, there were several really competitive players who weren't always so nice to newbies. Try to break her in slowly so that she can play with pleasant people who will be patient in explaining the game as it's played.
  8. Be willing to play with her as often as she wants. Once I learned the basics and built my first deck, I wanted to play all the time. I think we played on 4 of 7 nights in between my first and second time at FNM because I wanted to learn more. If you are successful in getting her to want to play, be willing to play with her as much as you can. This is what you wanted, now cultivate it!
  9. Don't let her win, but don't be a sore loser either. We lady folk tend to be very aware of the male ego's ability to be bruised. Some don't care, but your girlfriend/wife is likely to not want to embarrass you or hurt your ego. If you aren't such a good loser, learn now. The first time I ever beat Philip I jumped up and down a little, maybe even squealed. But, he's a good guy, and he could take it. When she wins, be happy for her.
  10. After all is said and done, remember that girls not only can play Magic, but they can kick your ass too. This was written for those with partners who are less oriented towards MTG, but you just might be a lucky lad with a girl who will catch on quick. Don't be alarmed if she starts taking first on Friday nights and you're left in the dust... Just saying.


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