Sunday, October 16, 2011

MTG: Zombie Starter Deck

This deck is focused on zombies, infect and gaining life while taking it.. It only uses black mana and is designed for those who are new to the game. All the cards are either from New Phyrexia or M12.

20 Swamps
2 Deathmark
2 Consume Spirit
4 Mindcrank
2 Pristine Talisman
2 Taste of Blood
4 Grim Affliction
4 Pith Driller
2 Warpath Ghoul
2 Caress of Phyrexia
4 Gravedigger
4 Reaper of Sheoldred
4 Geth's Verdict
4 Zombie Infestation
4 Dismember
4 Cemetery Reaper

Best of luck to you!

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