Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yummy Brains!

To kick off Zombie Apocalypse Awareness Month I wanted to share with you one of my favorite zombie treats: Strawberry brain with dark chocolate dirt!

Last year I bought a zombie brain jell-o mold from Hastings. We've used it a few times now and I've gotten the kinks out. One way of making the brain is to use Lime jell-o and add gummy worms, but my latest yummy brain was a bit different.

To make your dark chocolate dirt smash dark chocolate chips with a hammer.

You will need two packages of Strawberry Jell-o and some vegetable oil.
Grease the jell-o mold with vegetable oil. (I forgot this step at first and it didn't work out too well.)

Make both packages of jell-o as instructed on the package (use the regular instructions not the quick set).

Poor into the mold. Place the mold in a bowl first to keep it more steady. Don't worry about bubbles.

After the jell-o has set, wiggle the mold. After the jell-o is separated from the mold, place a plate over the mold and flip the jell-o onto the plate.
Sprinkle with the dark chocolate dirt.
Eat with a fork or serve in slices!

I hope you enjoy your treat. Keep this handy if you're hosting a Halloween or zombie party, or if the zombies attack and all you have is jell-o!

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