Monday, October 10, 2011

Zombie Plans: For the Home

Let's take some time to think out a good zombie plan if you happen to be at home during the initial outbreak. Here are some tips for you as you make your plans this month.

  • Know your escape routes. If your loved one happens to be patient zero you will need a way out and fast.
  • Know the ways in. If the zombies are outside, you will need to block all entrances. This means windows, doors, sliders, basements, everything. 
  • Get a dog. Not only are they proven to deter thieves, they can alert you to the incoming undead before you might otherwise be aware. However, also be aware that in some cases animals can be infected as well. Your beloved pooch might try to eat your brains.
  • On that note, state detaching. Your neighbor who bakes those yummy cookies? Probably a zombie. The girls in your scout troupe or the boys on your tee-ball team, probably going to try to eat you some time soon.
  • However, some neighbors can be assets. The crazy old man down the road who is convinced that the Commies are still after him probably has a large supply of rations and a bunker in his basement. The retired Navy Seal is probably a good one to have on your side as well. Don't forget, hunters, policemen, and other service personnel can also be a source of supplies.
  • Look for neighbors who can provide essential services as well. Neighbors to hit the top of the list include medical professionals, those trained in any type of combat, and those with unique survival skills.
  • Put your neighbors in your plan. Who will you try to rescue? Whose door will you knock on when your roommate tries to eat you?
  • Know the local sources of supplies. You might go across town to buy organic produce, but when the zombie apocalypse happens the convince store around the corner is probably best. Where's the closest gas station? Fast route to the next city or rural area? What about the least traveled areas? Remember, you won't be the only one headed to Wal-mart.
  • What supplies do you already have? Think of food and medical supplies as well as potential malay weapons. Guns are nice, but that signed collectors baseball bat doesn't need ammo. Your shovel or broomstick can work in a pinch as well. Also, remember to raid the kitchen for knives, the bigger the better.
  • Have a plan for family and friends on who will go where if you plan to meet up. Also, it might be good to come up with a plan of how you will tell if they are infected or not such as a code word or complicated hand sign.
  • If the zombies are outside, do not leave. Just sit back and enjoy the apocalypse. Either they will leave or someone will come and get you. Or you might just spend the rest of your days inside those four walls. In any case, be prepared to overcome cabin fever. Comic books, Magic the Gathering, perhaps even a video game or two... Just find something to pass the time.

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