Monday, October 3, 2011

The Importance of a Plan

During this time of the Zombie Apocalypse Awareness Month, I shall be highlighting some important aspects of zombie preparedness. In particular, I shall address some zombie plan issues. Today's topic: Why is a zombie plan important?

First, it is always the ones who don't expect the zombie apocalypse who get hit first. Be prepared and be wary!

Second, when that first zombie bites, all chaos will break loose. Will you be panicking with the masses or will you remain calm and stick to the plan?

Thirdly, the game here is survival. When the zombies attack this will become a game of Darwinism at it's finest. You may be the strongest, or the best marksmen, but will you be able to survive in your fortress? You may be the smartest, but can you find a weapon in your office?

Next, those with the plans become the leaders. Governments and military will fall once the undead roam and groups will need a wise ruler. Will you be the next great dictator? Or will this be your Battle of Waterloo?

Finally, the most important reason you should have a zombie plan: So you don't become a zombie yourself, unless of course, that is your plan...

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