Friday, June 19, 2009

Afternoon Quickie: Flower

Played on PS3 (Downloadable game)

Ok, so... if you ever wanted to experience the sensation of being stoned without all the law-breaking and health-risking behavior... watch your guy play Flower. It is filled with scenes of hilly landscape and wildflowers.

Now, you might be thinking... this doesn't sound like a very manly game. Get over it. The game is incredibly addicting (my guy played for hours on end, sometimes playing the same level over and over again trying to get all the flowers) and the physics of it are intense, especially considering the type of game it is.

I'm not really sure what the premise or point of the game is, or even if it has one, but it is quite enjoyable. The player is basically a breeze that goes around and blows into various flowers. As it hits the flowers a long Pocahontas style stream of petals begins to follow it.

The game is really pretty and the soundtrack is incredibly peaceful. It reminds me of those meditation DVDs where they play soft music and show you pictures of landscapes, but so much neater. The scenery flies by as the game is played and the level where it's storming is really just gorgeous (though the lightening might cause a seizure or two). I don't think I can do it justice. Buy the game for your guy. He will enjoy the physics of the game (it is very well done) and you enjoy watching the game.

This passes the wifey-watchability test without even trying.


  1. Love the review! This makes me wish we had a PS3!

    Also. Have you guys played plants vs. zombies?

  2. Thank you, and no. I don't think I've even seen the game. Philip said he heard it was good, so maybe one day we'll get to that one.

  3. It's crazy addicting! Well, for us it sure was.

    Hope you enjoy it!


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