Saturday, June 20, 2009

Afternoon Quickie: Punch Out

Played on: Wii

Before anyone starts... I know it's not the afternoon anymore; get over it.

So, Punch Out, yeah. Well, Philip really enjoyed it and... uh, well, I can't really find anything else positive to say about it.

I never played the original release of the game. I didn't think the jokes were all that funny and the sound effects got pretty annoying (especially when Philip was stuck trying to beat the same guy and so he fought one person for a few hours and I heard their catch phrases so much they made their way into my dreams that night).

It's really not that interesting to watch. You punch the other guy and hope you knock him out before he knocks you out. I much rather watch real boxing, at least the cameras change angles in real fights.

So basically, this fails the Wifey-Watchability test, but Philip beat it within the weekend so at least my misery was short lived.

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