Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review: Ghostbusters the video game

Played on the PS3

Ghostbusters picks up where the last movie left off. You are the rookie Experimental Equipment Technician. You are attempting to capture ghosts and restore order to the world at large.


The graphics are just real enough, and yet keep a little of the video game feel. The characters are easily recognizable and much of the scenery and props through out the game are realistic. Parts of the game can play smoothly and the cut scenes are quite nice. During high activity scenes, however, the game can be somewhat hectic, and if you don't know what you are looking at, the screen looks rather messy. Players can get certain achievements from destroying property, and that can be somewhat entertaining.


Comparatively to the noise during fight scenes, the dialogue is rather quiet. The dialogue can be rather funny and is a great throw back to the movies. While subtitles are available, players will want to have the TV turned up a bit so that they can hear the dialogue over the sound of their slime gun. This poses the greatest problem with the game. The sound of the slime gun can quickly become irritating, but as stated earlier, the volume on the TV needs to be up to hear what the other characters are asking the player to do.


There really is not much opportunity for girlfriend involvement. Perhaps, if she was a fan of the movies she might naturally be more involved in the story line.


In the end, the slime gun gets on my nerves, but the rest of the game is fine. That's just it, fine. My husband is having a blast chasing down ghosts and spraying them green slime, and for that I am glad. The characters are funny, but that slime gun is just so noisy. If the slime gun came with a silencer, I would be a much happier camper.

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